Mission Statement

To brew beer that elicits excitement and challenges the conceptions of this sacred beverage, using only the highest quality and sometimes unconventional ingredients, while being mostly organic and vegetarian.


Sacred Brewing Co. is a future start-up brewpub in Phoenix; at this current time it is operated as a homebrewery by Keevin Simpson. Keevin has been brewing for 6 years and has a varied background that includes architecture and herbalism; he has completed education at the American Brewers Guild for their Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program and is currently working on obtaining funding for a vegetarian brewpub.


At Sacred, all beers are brewed with primarily organic malted barley, hops, and herbs as well as energetically enhanced structured water. In addition, no animal-based ingredients are used in the conditioning of our beers and all are 100% vegetarian. The beers that are brewed will always be different and exciting with sometimes unusual or unknown ingredients with a focus on flavor and balance.