Almost Done with School…

Well, time has sure flown by and I am getting ready to head out to Vermont for my residential week for brewing school. It has definitely been intense, but I have learned a lot for sure! I can say that I am not a fan of thermodynamics (the extreme calculations), flow rates and a lot of the engineering that I have learned, but have enjoyed the deeper look into brewing at a professional level. This week is the last lecture and it is Brooklyn Brewery’s own Garrett Oliver discussing beer and food pairing. I am thoroughly enjoying this one and may have to get a copy of The Brewmaster’s Table after I get back!

So, what will I be doing in Vermont specifically? Well, I’ll be brewing on the school’s system, which is actually also a brewery called Drop-In, and doing filtration, as well as laboratory work. Every day we will also be completing various organoleptic sensory analyses with beer and off-flavors and working with raw materials. Finally, we will be taking our Final Exam next Friday, so wish me luck!!!

What are my plans when I get back? I am looking to find a brewery that I can gain some experience on a larger system and work at part-time. I will of course continue to work on my recipes and hone them into a consistent offering. This should be a little easier once I get back, as there hasn’t been enough time to brew since starting school and brew-days when they have occurred, have been few and far between… Then it will be on to the business plan and getting that refined so that the fun part can happen (not really) and we can start looking for investors. I will say that the thought has also crossed my mind to consider contract brewing to start out. Only time will tell and we will see what the universe has in store for Sacred Brewing in the coming years.

I’ll try to keep the Facebook page updated with information while out in Vermont and be more frequent on the blog updates.

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