An Update…

Where to start? Well, I had surgery last November and had my right hip replaced. The referred knee pain went away almost immediately and recovery was much better and quicker than anticipated. But, over the course of a few months, my left knee and hip have begun to bother me more and more… I decided to get this over with and move on, so have scheduled surgery for my left hip in mid-April. After that, I should be fully bionic! 😀

In the meantime, I have been working on beer cocktail recipes, which I have posted a handful of, brewing some new and old recipes, and working on my new 14 tap keezer for the house. I feel that this will allow me to have the full lineup of Sacred beers to test prior to opening and possibly even assist with potential investors. In fact, last week I updated the business plan for Sacred and plan on moving forward after surgery to obtain funding. 

I’m looking forward to getting past these health issues and showing the world (well, Phoenix to start) what Sacred Brewing Co. is and can offer when it comes to beer and vegetarian food. In fact, our Mission Statement is: “To brew beer that elicits excitement and challenges the conceptions of this sacred beverage, using only the highest quality and sometimes unconventional ingredients, while being mostly organic and vegetarian.” Let’s get this party started! 



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