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AmericanBrewersGuildJPGI know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I really do have good reasons for it, I promise!!! On January 20th, I officially started my brewing education with the American Brewers Guild. The program is Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering and is 23 weeks total; it is distance-based with DVD lectures, reading and online content (10-15 hours total a week). The course culminates with one residential week at the school/brewery in Vermont for hands-on brewing and lab, as well as sensory training.

I’ve been signed up for this program for 2 years now due to the wait list, but after just two weeks, am happy that I waited. The program is extensive with 6-9 hours of DVD lectures taped at the school with various professionals from the industry as guests. The first week consisted of Brewing Science and Sensory Methods and I’m not going to lie, that first lecture started off with some intense Biochemistry that had me wondering what I got myself into… After getting my hands on some Chemistry for Dummies and other reference books, I think I have a better grasp. This last week was very interesting as it went into everything Malt, with discussions on the Biochemistry of malting (which, I surprisingly found very interesting), the process of malting and equipment, as well as specifications.

Today is the start of week 3 and we will be covering Water this week. I’m sure there will be some more Chemistry, but know that it will build on the previous weeks and should go well. As you know, being on this site, the end goal is opening a brewery/brewpub in the Phoenix area and I think that this is one of the best foundations to have to be prepared for the transition. Of course some more hands-on experience couldn’t hurt, so after June I will try to get as much time as possible in various brewing applications to gain more knowledge.

Fore more information about the American Brewers Guild and their programs, visit – .



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