Busy Week

As the title suggests, it was a busy week with work and beer events… Last Thursday was the Grand Opening of my friend Eric’s Coworking on 15th Ave. location. Eric invited us to have our beer at his event, so we brought a keg each of Pineapple Wit and the Extra Special IPA. The event went really well and was a blast! The Pineapple Wit was a hit as usual and we came close to killing the keg, but surprisingly the IPA was enjoyed by many people as well, even those that weren’t specifically IPA people. It was great to meet new people and see how enthusiastic they got about the different flavors and profiles of the two beers. It wasn’t fun to tell them that our beer isn’t available anywhere at this time, but felt good to hear the interest and enjoyment of these beers.

Saturday and Sunday was the OHSO Bike-In Beer Fest that supported Ingleside Middle School PTO. The really cool part was that a handful of us from Arizona Society of Homebrewers brewed a porter last month at OHSO and we each did our own additions into the secondary, which were served at the event. The different renditions turned out really well in my opinion and those attending seemed to really enjoy them as well. The offerings of the porter were pumpkin, smoked, mocha, persimmon and coffee, with the coffee being mine, having coffee of course with some cinnamon and vanilla (see below picture). People really seemed to enjoy the beers and the hits were definitely the pumpkin and the coffee, in addition to a blend of the coffee and mocha that turned out really good and was being requested frequently. We helped pour for the majority of the event and enjoyed talking about the beers, of course being allowed to take beer breaks when necessary. Thanks to Jon Lane, owner of OHSO for having us, and John Rudolph from ASH for helping to put this together. By the way, the kegs weren’t killed of our beers, so it sounds like they will go on tap in the coming weeks at OHSO for others to try!

So, overall, although it was a busy beer week, it was a blast and great to be involved in these events and networking with like-minded individuals. What’s next? Not sure at this time, other than brewing some more tasty beers and coming up with some new recipes.

For more information about Coworking on 15th Ave., visit – http://coworkingon15th.com/ or on OHSO Eatery + nanoBrewery, visit – http://ohsobrewery.com/ .

Coffee Porter




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