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11-02-13 Brew Day

I started out early this day to get prepared to brew 10 Gallons of a new recipe that a friend and I came up with and 5 Gallons of one of my seasonals… The brew day went well and we hit all of our intended gravities and they are currently fermenting away. What beers did we brew, you might ask? Well, the larger collaboration batch is a Belgian Dubbel base for what will be a Rum Raisin Dubbel that will be aged on rum soaked oak and pecan wood and clock in at roughly 7% ABV. The other beer was my Scarborough Fair Pale Ale, which I surprisingly forgot to brew last year, but have consistently brewed around this time of year otherwise. It of course has parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, like the song, but has a nice bite from the hops combined with the herbs; it typically runs 6.4% ABV. We will see in a few weeks how they are progressing! Here is a picture of the Scarborough Fair cooling in the boil... read more

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